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winning entry in the 2021 Mary River Short Story Contest, grew from scribbled notes penned whilst setting vigil beside my mother’s deathbed. From the heart, it touches on the guilt of an often wayward son, but also the kindness of strangers, and laughter in the face of impending grief.  ‘Flight of the Owl’ can be downloaded here, or directly from the Mary River Press website.

‘Love Dust’, a fast moving tragedy about outback truckies caught in a love-triangle, was entered in the annual Winton Short Story Competition. Amongst the  winning entries, it was published in Outback Anthology of Short Stories volume 5 (2020)

‘Sally’s Snoozy Thursday’, is a fun speculative poke in the eye for pollies and priests. Sally pulls no punches! Amongst the  winning entries, it was published in Outback Anthology of Short Stories volume 7 (2022)

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    Wow! For this update, got an idea it’s me ‘n u ‘n maybe even ‘im ‘n ‘er now….not actually sure about ‘im ‘n ‘er. OhContinue reading
  • 30/7/22
    Dear Me, (Steve) Hi. How are you? I know you’re there. Pretty sure too, it’s mostly just you snoops around in here. So be it.Continue reading “30/7/22”
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    Today it’s overcast, dribbly and cool down Warwick way at Denise’s new base for her working-dog/student- training enterprise; perfect for a family outing. She, myself and Kate (youngest of five) plan to dig cactus in the back paddock. There’s also a suggestion I may yet have missed pivotal backstory, and so, nursing tweezers and a fistful of tiny barbs, afterwards it’s replay # ten zillion: Frodo, Gandalf and gang, before I settle in to write my very first blog.
Image Credit: Håkan Ludwigson's 'Balls and Bulldust'

Image Credit: Håkan Ludwigson‘s ‘Balls and Bulldust’

Steve Hawe

After a lifetime in the bush, Steve Hawe has worn many hats. Lately ringer, horse-breaker, farrier and fencer, and most importantly father of five (forever!), he and his partner now own grazing country west of Longreach, Qld. It was here at ‘Spring Plains’, amidst the splendour of the arid lands that he was inspired to write. To his great delight, he came to realise an authors’ hat can be
any and all of the above!

At 15, on the outskirts of Young, central western NSW, a fresh-faced, skinny (hatless!) kid stopped for a moment to listen for the school hooter. It was 9 am first day back in ‘73. On his knees at ‘Wordsworth’s Strawberries’ he breathed a sigh of relief and smiled. In his mind was the classroom clamour of book-bags on mahogany desks, and a vision of the motor bike he was saving for. Brimming with the opti-cence of youth, he was blissfully unaware of the journey enjoined. Or that his stories would one day be spiced and enriched by the laughter and tears, ‘high-fives’ and train-wrecks of five decades of hard slog in the bush. From a passing parade of workmates, bosses,
employees, family and friends; he would amass a precious well of snapshots of personas, wisdoms and events.

He would also learn that hats are earned, and should never be thrown away!

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