Last of the lasts

Hi, Today was an avalanche of the fuckers – tees, elles, ays ‘n esses like an angry swarm of hornets from dawn to dusk. Amongst them, was the getting to of the holy grail of them all, last post. Which didn’t keep me awake last night, but could have. The thing was, I’d seen it yesterday, driven right past it, a rust-coloured length of 79Continue reading “Last of the lasts”

Outside the cook-house, a full moon’s on the rise beyond the creek. Inside, first moths flitter around a naked bulb. On the wall, the second-hand’s been stalled for months, it’s robotic jerks never quite making ten to. I’ll be long gone before its last stutter. But still, it’s one more in a tsunami of them. Tomorrows another. This one with mixed feelings. Yep, road conditionsContinue reading

Wow! For this update, got an idea it’s me ‘n u ‘n maybe even ‘im ‘n ‘er now….not actually sure about ‘im ‘n ‘er. Oh well, me ‘n u’s fine, getting a bit crowded, but exciting because it means ‘dear me’ is out, hi hozitgoin’ is  in! So… Hi, howezitgoin? Today, blog # three, it’s mostly about my writing. Oh yeah, and my mullet, ofContinue reading


Dear Me, (Steve) Hi. How are you? I know you’re there. Pretty sure too, it’s mostly just you snoops around in here. So be it. From now on, you’re blog-ee numero uno! It’s only a few months now until you hang up the pliers for good. Also, barely a week gone by since ‘Spring Plains’, home for 18 years, passed on to your neighbours atContinue reading “30/7/22”


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