Hi,Today it’s overcast, dribbly and cool down Warwick way at Denise’s new base for her working-dog/student- training enterprise; perfect for a family outing. She, myself and Kate (youngest of five) plan to dig cactus in the back paddock. There’s also a suggestion I may yet have missed pivotal backstory, and so, nursing tweezers and a…

All the same, so great to share in some family time after a full-on year contracting away. Also, my recent road-trip Menindee to research my next novel. Long story, but briefly: In 2008 my youngest brother’s half submerged body was spotted from above by early morning geekers on the walkway of the Menindee Lakes inlet (regulator). At the time, there were questions arisen over his death, but also personal reasons not to travel from Longreach to Menindee to attend. And so, after thirteen years, it’s not only cacti I’ll be needing a shovel for. Also, as I’m finding, the more you dig…! Nevertheless, I’ve been able to outline the bones of the dog’s breakfast I have in mind, a non- linear bio relative to Chris’s life and death including incarceration at Morisset hospital (asylum), escape from a Qld psychiatric order, his strange and unique paintings from ‘better times’ swapped for grog and fuel the length and breadth of the nation; his brief kangaroo marriage to all-forgiving
Valerie; indigenous woman of Urapunga NT, and many more, all pivotal for narrative. The intended framework will simply be my journey south along with snippets of info from locals in Menindee who remembered him. Meantime, as I’m finding, gonna take more’n a shovel to cut the kinda red tape that binds police and coroners reports relative to Event # 34994149!

Exciting news dept: recently had the winning entry in round 3, Mary River Press short story contest with ‘Flight of the Owl, my nonfiction entry. Also, an upcoming book-signing for my fiction Novel ‘My Time of Eagles’ (hopefully not too late!) at Dymocks in Toowoomba on 4th of Dec. Launched a year ago by Boolarong Press, it was well received local to home turf (greater Longreach area), but lacked further promo’s and further afield from yours truly ,due to ongoing commitments at the time. Fingers crossed! Cheers,